Go to the event without any concerns. With SecureSwap the old ticket is made invalid and the buyer receives a completely new and unique ticket. This is possible because TicketSwap works together with organizers, venues and ticket companies.

This is how SecureSwap works

We validate the ticket with the ticketing company

We contact the ticketing company and check if the ticket that’s being sold is valid.

The old ticket will be invalidated immediately

The ticketing company invalidates the old ticket from the TicketSwap seller.

The buyer will get a brand new ticket

The ticketing company sends us a brand new ticket. The buyer receives the ticket immediately.

When will a ticket be swapped securely?

When you see the SecureSwap logo on a listing page, the ticket will be swapped securely. All other tickets have a lot of other checks.

Current SecureSwap partners

We are working together with a lot of events, organizers and venues. The list of partners is expanding continuously.

See complete list of partners