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I’m giving TicketSwap access to my account(s). What happens next?

Facebook access
You can choose to log in via Facebook, or to connect your Facebook to your account on TicketSwap. We only show the amount of Facebook friends to potential buyers. We will never share information with third parties.


Mailbox access

With the TicketSwap Application, you can upload the ticket you want to sell directly from your mailbox (possible with Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail). To do this, you'll need to grant us permission to access your mailbox. This access makes it possible for you to scroll through your mailbox for the preferred ticket you want to sell. Beyond this functionality, TicketSwap will never access your mailbox or share your information with third parties, and does not store any data. See also our privacy policy. At TicketSwap, we ensure to never store any of your emails on our server.

All of that information remains solely on your device. By doing so, you can be confident your personal information stays 100% protected.


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