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Why does TicketSwap need a copy of my identification document?

This is part of our responsibility under Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. These regulations require the collection of information from customers when paying out funds. As a marketplace that transfers money from one person to another, we’re obligated by law to ask for basic personal information such as your full name or address. In certain cases, when the payout contains a large amount of money, we are required to request additional information, including a copy of your identification.

Whats happens if I don’t share this information?
Payouts to you will be paused. The money will be held in escrow until the requested information is completed.

How does TicketSwap save my data / details?
This data is used solely for verification purposes and doesn’t get stored.

What will TicketSwap do with my data / details?
We send this data to our payment provider Stripe. Stripe is therefore authorized by law to perform the KYC verification.

You can upload the requested personal information via the following link:

You can upload a copy of your ID via the following link:

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