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Since day one, we have used the Facebook platform to supplement our service. Because of its huge reach, comprehensive events section and usability, it is an awesome platform to work with. Next to this, logging into TicketSwap through Facebook provides us with a social control, which we use for fraud prevention on every ticket sale, and proves to be highly successful in curbing illegal activity in the secondary ticketing market.

Lately, more and more people have reached out to us requesting an alternative login method, that doesn’t require a Facebook profile. Acknowledging this, we have decided to broaden our accessibility beyond just the Facebook login.

We are really excited to tell you that you can now login to TicketSwap by verifying and using email address.

Login first through Facebook, then use the verify option in the banner, then check your inbox. Verifying your email address lets us securely identify you and protect your information. Once this is completed, you can login using your email address only and no longer need to be connected through Facebook. We will continue to develop new and better ways for you to securely buy and sell tickets on our platform.

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