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Is this a real TicketSwap website or is it a scam?

We see more and more that people try to scam our customers by builiding a website with almost the same interface as ours (as in the screenshot below).

Step 1: Always make sure to check the URL, we use the following URL’s:

Step 2: Check if all the functionalities of the website work like they should work!

  • Try to go on your profile
  • Check if you can log in to the website

    If this doesn't work, you can assume that it's a fake website trying to impersonate and misuse the trust of TicketSwap.

    Please see below an example of a fake TicketSwap website and please be mindfull of the differences pointed out by the red circles.

Please feel free to also read our blog about Swapping Safely, which also reflects on scammers trying to trick you via email.

Whenever you have any doubts or find a fake website like described, please feel free to Contact Us and report the website.

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