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How can I sell my RA tickets on TicketSwap?

Resident Advisor recently launched their own ticket reselling platform. This is great news for everyone who hates scalpers! ✅

However, their closed loop system is a bit tricky for the fans: if you bought your ticket but you cannot go to the event anymore, the only thing you can do is to add your ticket to the RA reselling queue:

  • The queue becomes active only when the event is sold out…
  • The queue is on a first in, first out, basis.
  • You cannot choose the price you want to sell the ticket for: it will always be the final ticket tier price - but you won’t get the additional revenue if you bought it as Early bird for instance.
  • The actual barcode ticket becomes available only 48h before the event.


Even though we support the fight against fraud because we always want the best experience for the fans, this system might seriously limit your selling flexibility. That’s why we've put together some easy tips on how to resell your RA ticket through TicketSwap, in case you can't attend the show anymore.

Step 1. Set a reminder 48h before the event, when your ticket will become available on RA

Step 2. Once available, download it and save it to your files, or Apple Wallet on iOS

Here are the steps on the RA website and on the iOS app to do so:


Step 3. The rest is easy, just follow these steps to sell them on TicketSwap!

We hope this will enable every fan to enjoy all the events!



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