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How do I upload TicketMaster Go Mobile tickets on TicketSwap (the easy way)?

We noticed that there is no longer an easy way to upload your Ticketmaster Go Mobile tickets to our platform when you want to sell them. Therefore, we decided to allow you to upload screenshots, only for these types of tickets.

“How can I do that”, you ask? It’s easy, you just need to select the second option “Upload Ticketmaster Go Mobile tickets” when it is time to Add your tickets:

In order to have a successful upload, each screenshot must contain only one fully visible ticket, with either a barcode, or a QR code (but not both). Here is an example:

Of course, you can still upload a PDF of your tickets following these steps for iOS and these ones for Android.

If you have a Ticketmaster Go Mobile ticket you try to sell but you see that this option is not available for the event, please contact our 🦸‍♀️Support team 🦸


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