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Can a seller print the ticket and go?

It is technically possible for the previous owner to use your tickets, as he or she still has the original file. But this almost never happens. Why? It’s extremely unattractive to commit fraud on TicketSwap because every seller on TicketSwap needs to provide us with a lot of personal information. In the rare cases where fraud has occurred, we are able to contact the seller, ban them from the platform and provide all the information needed to file a police report.

In situations where the seller has made a mistake (such as mixing up the barcodes or using the wrong ticket), we’ll start a conversation between buyer and seller in a moderated chat. This will help us find an amicable solution together.

Please note that all the above does not apply for events that use Secure Swap. Secure Swap means that a sold ticket is made invalid and the buyer receives a completely new and unique ticket. More about Secure Swap here.

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