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Update: What does the displayed price at a listing say?

Before, we used to show the ticket price a seller set at a listing. Now, we’ll also include and show the service fee and transaction costs in this price. Showing the displayed price in this format makes it clearer for potential buyers what the final price will be. The pricing information is presented as follows:

  • Selling price incl. 5% service fee:
  • The selling price a seller set + the 5% service fee a buyer has to pay for the use of TicketSwap.
  • Transaction fee:
  • The fee for the transaction, consisting of 3% of the selling price and service fee.
  • Original ticket price:
  • The price a seller paid for the original ticket.

Seller: what’s changed?
After your listing is visible online, you will see that the presented price is higher than the selling price that you set up. This is because the 5% service fee and the transaction costs are now included. A potential buyer now clearly sees what price he/she will pay. Don’t worry: the price doesn't change, it's just the way it's set up that has been altered!

Buyer: what’s changed?
As a buyer, you can see directly how much tickets cost including service- and transaction costs. At every listing, you're able to see a breakdown of the pricing information. It shows the original price of the ticket, the price that the seller has set, the 5% service costs and the 3% the transaction costs.

Note: On TicketSwap, you can’t ask more than 20% above face value. Now that we’re including the 5% service fee and 3% transaction costs in the displayed price, it may sometimes seem like the seller exceeds the rule, which is not the case.

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